In the Historical city Bhaktapur, 2016 Kartik 19 B.S. has been marked as one of the most important date in terms of an education. The sole reason behind it was the establishment of Bhaktapur Multiple Campus which sparkled as the stepping stone of an education for the youngest city in Kathmandu Valley.

As we all know that the establishment of an educational institution in Rana Regime was mostly just in the paper and it’s a bitter truth. At that era, in Bhaktapur, there was just one school named Bhaktapur English School and one Sanskrit Pathshala and Kanya Pathshala as the learning center for an education. Bhaktapur English School was later changed to Shri Padhma High School in 2003 B.S. Mostly all the educational institutins used to be named after Rana Regime and Padhma High School was one among it. It was said that, there was not a single graduate in Bhaktapur around 2003 B.S.

From an ancient Era, Bhaktapur was mostly interested in Kalakaushal, TantraMantra and Religion, because of that it couldn’t progress in an Education and may be it was because Bhaktapur was considered and given importance as agricultural hub among brother cities in Kathmandu Valley. Business and Agriculture was the main specialization of Bhaktapur. Still then, there were a wise people interested in literature at era of Madhyakal. After 2003 B.S., Vidyarthi Niketan & Sharada School were established. After the fall of Rana Regime in 2007 B.S., people of Bhaktapur were still lacking the higher education and Kathmandu was only the option to get it for long years.

The urge of getting higher education was being stucked for people around here and finally the wait was over after long attempt to get it and in 2016 Kartik 19 B.S., Public College was granted permission for establishment for serving  the education up to intermediate level. This all was possible due to the participation of the then Samsad late Jagannath Acharya, Prof. Yaishwaryalal Pradhananga, magistrate Pushkarlal Maskey, Principal Chandra Bahadaur Shrestha, Sarbagybhakta Malla, Durgaprasad hada, and peoples & the students.  The college aid and trust committee was established under the chairmanship of the then magistrate Pushkarlal Maskey.

The college aid and trust committee was acting like the management committee and  it decided to run  5 specific subjects and on the auspicious day of 2016 kartik 19 B.S., Bhaktapur College was established. The following professors were appointed according to the specific sbjects:

  • Prof. Aishwaryalal pradhananga (Economics)
  • Prof. Narsinghnarayan Sinha (English)
  • Prof. Thirtharam Jha Shahityacharya (Nepali)
  • Prof. Prayagraj Sharma M.A. (History)
  • Prof. Ramkumar Pradhan M.A. (Politics)


After the establishment, the optimum progress of college were noticed and finally it got recognized as the Degree College after the harsh work done by both teachers and students. Degree College @ that era was of Bachelor Level. Around 73% percentile of students were able to clear the I.A. exam which was the among the best at that time and T.U. gave recognition as Degree College. It was also needed to get the recognition from Government level which was achieved. Chairman of the College was magistrate and Taraman Singh Swar.

In spite of all these things, economic condition of College was not up to the mark. Even though it was the first degree college in district , it was still lacking the progress in construction of the building. The college which was being run in the Padma high school’s building felt the necessity of  college’s self building for the smooth running. Hence, Donations were being collected from the generous people. Some professors also were generous enough to teach the students even though they didn’t receive the salary for the months. Professor used to come from Kathmandu but still they didn’t felt the hardships and continue teaching the students. In this time of excitement and struggle, some people also donated the Land which resulted in constructing the college building. The donations and helps collected from the local peoples is still remembered by this campus and will not be forgotten and is also proud of the all these people.

Edcational revolution was seen on the 2030 B.S. More than the analysis of  effect of  change in educational policy, this college remains as a campus. The educational progress was upgraded day by day. The campus building was constructed in front of the current day BhajyaPokhari in the total area of 51 Ropani, 11 aana. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus has successfully celebrated its silver jubilee on 2041 kartik 19 B.S. and it also succefully celebrated its Golden Jubilee on 2066 Kartik 19 B.S. It still is seeking the progress in construction of buildings. Though the progress is education in this campus is progressing, it is still seeking the physical infrastructure progress. This campus have introduced the study in many areas and sectors to produce the successful and caliber students.

The contribution of following persons are notable from the time of establishment of the campus.

  • Taraman singh Swar
  • Sarbagya Malla
  • Durgaprasad Hada
  • Bishnuprasad Nepali
  • Pushkarlal Maskey
  • Tej Bahadur Prasai
  • Chadra Bahadur Shrestha (First Principal)
  • Madhav Shankar Joshi
  • Jagannath Acharya
  • Basudev Prasad joshi
  • Bishnumani Acharya

From the date 2030 B.S., as it becomes the constituent campus of Tribhuvan University, following personnels have served as Campus Chief according to the date mentioned:


  1. Mr. Basudev Prasad Joshi (2030/04/01 – 2032/05/16) B.S.
  2. Mr. Khadgaman Shrestha (2032/05/17 – 2033/05/18) B.S.
  3. Ms. Padmasana Shakya (2033/05/20 – 2036/10/06) B.S.
  4. Mr. Devilal Shrestha (2036/10/07 – 2039/09/10) B.S.
  5. Mr. Basudev Prasad Joshi (2039/09/11 – 2040/11/10) B.S.
  6. Mr. Keshar Bahadur Manandhar (2040/11/11 – 2043/11/10) B.S.
  7. Mr. Krishnaram Khatri (2043/11/11 – 2047/02/30) B.S.
  8. Mr. Balaram Khayar (2047/09/01 – 2048/09/22) B.S.
  9. Mr. Dayaman Karmacharya (2048/09/23 – 2055/05/28) B.S.
  10. Mr. Narayan Prasad Napit (2055/05/29 – 2059/05/29) B.S.
  11. Mr. Mahendraraj Sainju (2059/05/30 – 2063/05/29) B.S.
  12. Mr. Surendrabir Karmacharya (2063/05/30 – 2065/05/10) B.S.
  13. Dr. Shankar Kumar Upadhyaya  (2065/05/11 – 2073/07/06) B.S
  14. Dr. Krishna Prasad Pokharel ( 2073/07/07 -till now)

Name list of teaching staff of BMC

1.Shreedhar NepalAssociate ProfessorEnglish 
2.Arjun Pd. ParajuliAssociate ProfessorEnglish 
3.Dr. Pawan BaralAssociate ProfessorEnglishM.Phil
4.Prativa PrajapatiAssistant ProfessorEnglish 
5.Mausami GuragainAssistant ProfessorEnglishM.Phil…
6.Hari Sundar SuwalAssistant ProfessorEnglishM.Phil
7.Radha Krishna BhattaraiTeaching AssistantEnglishContract
8.Ram Krishna PantaTeaching AssistantEnglishContract
9.Gopal Pd NeupaneAssociate ProfessorNepali 
10.Dr. Krishna Pd PokhrelAssociate ProfessorNepaliPhd
11.Dr. Hom Pd BhattaraiAssociate ProfessorNepaliPhd
12.Bishwa Raj KhatiwadaAssistant ProfessorNepaliM.Phil
13.Sabita SharmaAssistant ProfessorNepaliPhd…
14.Sudarshan Pd SatyalAssistant Professor Nepali 
15.Sumitra Devi TamangAssistant ProfessorNepali 
16.Rihsiram KhanalAssistant ProfessorNepali 
17.Ram Pd BhurtelTeaching AssistantNepaliContract
18.Ram Bahadur ThapaTeaching AssistantNepaliContract
19.Umesh Chandra UpadhayaTeaching AssistantEconomicsPart Time
20.Urmila TamrakarTeaching AssistantEconomicsPart Time
21.Parshuram GelalAssociate ProfessorEconomicsPhd…
22.Basanti AcharyaAssistant ProfessorEconomicsPhd…
23.Ramesh DulalAssistant ProfessorEconomicsM.Phil
24.Prajapati KhanalTeaching AssistantRDInternal Contract
25.Nirajan RijalTeaching AssistantRDInternal Contract
26.Deepak ChapagainTeaching AssistantRDPart Time
27.Bin Bahadur TamangTeaching AssistantRDPart Time
28.Anju SharmaTeaching AssistantRDPart Time
29.Tirtha TimsinaAssistant ProfessorRD 
30.Laxmi BasyalAssistant ProfessorPopn.StdsM.Phil
31.Radha Devi DhakalAssistant ProfessorPopn.StdsPhd…
32.Hikmat Bd RayaAssistant ProfessorPopn.Stds 
33.Basistha SapkotaTeaching AssistantPopn.StdsContract
34.Balaram KayasthaAssociate ProfessorHistoryPhd
35.Kamal Pd. ShresthaAssistant ProfessorHistory 
36.Prathiva Karki RanaAssistant ProfessorHistory 
37.Roshani MaskeyAssociate ProfessorGeography 
38.Shanta GhimireAssociate ProfessorPol.SciencePhd…
39.Sanjaya ShresthaAssistant ProfessorPol.SciencePhd…
40.Januka TiwariAssistant ProfessorPol.Science 
41.Saroj Kumar TimalsinaAssistant ProfessorPol.SciencePhd…
42.Naresh Mani RayaTeaching AssistantHome Sci.Part Time
43.Deepa Laxmi MakajuTeaching AssistantHome Sci.Part Time
44.Kushma ShresthaTeaching AssistantHome Sci.Part Time
45.Bhawani PokhrelAssistant ProfessorAnthropologyPhd…
46.Punam PantaAssistant ProfessorSociologyPhd…
47.Madhav GyawaliTeaching AssistantSociologyM.Phil(Internal.C)
48.Ganesh Lal PhojuTeaching AssistantAnthropologyPart Time
49.Dhurba LaudariTeaching AssistantAnthropologyPart Time
50.Ram Bishwas Pd ShahProfessorMathematics 
51Udaya Chandra MishraAssociate ProfessorMathematics 
52Kapil Dev GoiteAssociate ProfessorMathematics 
53Kabita LuitelAssociate ProfessorMathematicsPhD…
54Shambhu JhaAssistant ProfessorMathematicsM.Phil
55Harinandan NathAssistant ProfessorMathematicsPh.D…
56Sher Singh RaikholaAssistant ProfessorMathematicsPh.D…
57Gauri BhujuAssistant ProfessorMathematicsPh.D…
58Raman Kumar KarnaAssistant ProfessorMathematics 
59Amiraj AdhikariTeaching AssistantMathematicsM.Phil
60Jitendra KayasthaTeaching AssistantStatisticsContract
61Ramdaresh ShahaTeaching AssistantMathematics 
62Bhimlal PoudyalAssociate ProfessorManagement 
63Dr. Dilip ParajuliAssociate ProfessorManagementPhD.
64Dr. Gopalman PradhanAssociate ProfessorManagementPhD.
65Dr. Gyani MallaAssociate ProfessorManagementPhD.
66Sanubabu BhujelAssistant ProfessorManagement 
67Laxmi Sundar LawajuAssistant ProfessorManagement 
68Tulsi Ram GhemosuAssistant ProfessorManagement 
69.Dr. Kishor HakuduwalAssistant ProfessorManagementPhD.
70Dr. Binod GhimireAssistant ProfessorManagementPhD(Part Time)
71Jageteswori KojuTeaching AssistantManagementM.Phil
72Surendra KarkiTeaching AssistantManagement 
73Srijana ShresthaTeaching AssistantManagementInternal contract
74Binayaraj RegmiTeaching AssistantManagement 
75Jeevan KojuTeaching AssistantManagement 
76Sundar SuwalTeaching AssistantManagementPart Time
77Dil Krishna ShahuTeaching AssistantManagementPart Time(M.phil)
78Janardan SharmaTeaching AssistantManagementPart Time
79Niraj Kumar TimilsinaTeaching AssistantManagementPart Time
80Krishna GiriTeaching AssistantEconomicsPart Time(M.phil)
81Serij SuwalTeaching AssistantManagementPart Time
82Dr. Narendra Singh ThagunnaTeaching AssistantPsychologyPhD (part Time)
83Milan ChikanbanjarTeaching AssistantMsc.civil EngiPart Time
84Nabin KarkiAssociate ProfessorChemistryPhD…
85Tank MukhiyaAssistant ProfessorChemistryPhD
86Bishnu Kumar ShresthaAssistant ProfessorChemistry 
87Gayatri maiya KojuAssistant ProfessorChemistryPhD…
88Prabha PrajapatiAssistant ProfessorChemistry 
89Manjuswori KarmacharyaAssistant ProfessorChemistryPhD
90Bimal RajachalaAssistant ProfessorChemistry 
91Usha KhanalTeaching AssistantChemistry 
92Prakash JoshiAssociate ProfessorPhysicsPhD
92Bhesraj AdhikariAssociate ProfessorPhysicsPhD…
93Arjun Kumar GautamAssociate ProfessorPhysicsPhD
94Yam Prasad DahalAssistant ProfessorPhysics 
95Nirpesh ShresthaAssistant ProfessorZoology 
96Ram Raghubar MahatoTeaching AssistantPhysicsInternal Contract
97Prabin TajaleTeaching AssistantPhysicsPart Time
98Mithilesh Kumar JhaTeaching AssistantPhysicsPhd… (Part Time)
99Mukesh Kumar ShresthaTeaching AssistantPhysicsPart Time
100Sudarsana ShakyaAssociate ProfessorBotany 
101Kuber Prasad BhattaAssistant ProfessorBotanyPhD…
102Nira ShresthaAssistant ProfessorBotany 
103Brajesh ShresthaTeaching AssistantBotanyPart Time
104Nabin Narayan MunnkarmiTeaching AssistantTechnical Sci.Part Time
105Sanam PrajapatiTeaching AssistantBotanyPart Time
107Sahajman ShresthaTeaching AssistantBotanyPart Time
108Narendraraj AdhikariTeaching AssistantBotanyPart Time
109Prathiva KasapalTeaching AssistantEnvi. SciencePart Time
110Arun Kumar MishraAssistant ProfessorZoology 
111Madan Krishna ShresthaAssistant ProfessorZoologyPhD
112Punyaram SukupayoAssistant ProfessorZoology 
113Dikpal Krishna KarmacharyaTeaching AssistantZoologyPhD…(Part Time)
114Saru ShakhaTeaching AssistantZoologyPart Time
115Sabitri KojuTeaching AssistantZoologyPart Time
116Surya Bahadur BomAssistant ProfessorMsc.CSIT 
117Sushant PoudelTeaching AssistantMsc.CSITInternal Contract
118Pratik TimilsinaTeaching AssistantMCAPart Time
119Ganeshram SuwalTeaching AssistantME(Computer)Part Time
120Rosanraj KarnajitTeaching AssistantMsc.CSITPart Time
121Madan KumarTeaching AssistantMsc.CSITPart Time
122Raj Kumar PradhanTeaching AssistantMathematicsPart Time
123Pramod AwalTeaching AssistantStatisticsPart Time
124Sunil BasukalaTeaching AssistantChemestryPart Time
125Shiva Prasad SukubhattuTeaching AssistantStatisticsPart Time
126Niru DhakalTeaching AssistantZoologyPart Time
127Dr. Bal Chandra MishraTeaching AssistantSociologyPart Time

(Source: Source:Campus Administration Record,2021)