Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA)


Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is a long felt professional academic programme introduced by the faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University in the year 2001 AD. Putting aside the traditional and conventional methods of teaching-learning, the program aims at producing bachelor level graduates of international standards in Management education with applied and pragmatic philosophies of acquiring knowledge. Above all, the program is directed to prepare the people to face successfully in the field of ever expanding and challenging knowledge economy. Bhaktapur Multiple Campus feels proud to be the first campus in Bhaktapur district to introduce this programme from academic year 2070/71.


Producing socially responsible, creative, broad minded, competent management professionals to meet the need of middle level managerial positions in and outside the country.


  • Prepare  students to be fit for middle level managerial positions
  • Develop students’ skills in objective oriented business management and making them capable of understanding and problems solving on business.

Admission Criteria


Written Test

Applicants are required to appear in the written test-CMAT (Central Management Admission Test) conducted by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. Students must secure a minimum of 40% in CMAT in order to qualify for the interview. The test will follow the standard testing pattern and may include areas like verbal ability, quantitative ability, logical reasoning and general awareness.


On the basis of the performance in written test, candidates will be short listed for interview. The campus grants admission to the successful candidates strictly on merit basis. Only sixty four seats are available for admission in BBA including four seats reserved for deserving students recommended by Dean Office of faculty of management.


Students desiring to get admission for BBA program in this campus must have:

  • Passed + 2 , PCL, Intermediate or other equivalent level from TU or other board, institution or university recognized by TU
  • Secured at least second division marks in aggregate
  • Studied English as a full paper carrying at least 100 marks
  • Secured sufficient marks in CMAT exam as well as in personal interview

Teaching Pedagogy

The general teaching pedagogy will include class lectures, group discussions, case studies, practical exercises, laboratory work, project work, term papers and internship. The teaching faculty will determine the choice of the teaching methodology according the needs of the course.

The concerned teacher/instructor shall develop a detailed course outline and work plan at the beginning of each semester and also recommend the basic text and other reference materials for teaching-learning of course modules.


 Examination, Evaluation and Grading System

The BBA program will be executed through the semester system. The regular program shall be completed in eight semesters. The internal (ongoing) evaluation and the external (end of semester) examination shall carry 40 percent and 60 percent weight age respectively. The semester examinations shall be conducted by FOM. The final grade of the student shall be determined on the overall performance in the internal and external examinations. Student must secure a minimum of grade ‘C’ or Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 in the internal evaluation in order of qualify to appear in the semester examination. In order to pass the semester examination the student must secure a minimum of grade ‘C’ or the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.0 .Student who secure a semester Grade of ‘D’ will not be promoted to next semester. The grading system shall be as follows:



Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)



3.5 to 4.0

First Division with Distinction


2.5 to 3.4 

First Division


2.0 to 2.4

Second Division


1.5 to 1.9 

Pass in Individual paper


0.0 to 1.4


Make-up Examination and Re-registration

In case of failure in one or more courses at the end of semester examinations students can appear in make-up examination in the subsequent semester. A student can appear only on two courses (6 credit hours) in the make-up examination. If the student fails in the make-up In case of failure in one or more coerces at the end of semester examination he/she shall have to re-register and repeat the course as per the course cycle. A student can re-register only two courses (6 credit hours) in a semester. The examination of the registered course shall be held as per the course style.


Students are required to attend regularly all lectures, practical classes, seminars and presentations as required by the course. A candidate for the examination must have attended a minimum of 80% of such activities in order to be eligible to appear in the semester examination.

Graduation Requirements

The university confers BBA degree to the students after the successful completion of the following requirements.

  • Completion of 120 credit hours as prescribed with a minimum of pass grade in all course with an aggregate (Cumulative Grade Point Average) CGPA of 2.0.
  • A minimum of grade C in the internship program
  • Completion of the program within 7 years from the time of registration.

Curricular Structure and Credit hours

  1. Management and allied                             72 credit hours
  2. Computer related courses                          18 credit hours
  3. Specialization area courses                       24 credit hours
  4. Internship                                                      6 credit hours

Total                                                      120 credit hours


Our features

  • Well furnished class rooms
  • Sufficient  computer lab and library
  • Use of multimedia to facilitate teaching learning process
  • Regular seminars and PowerPoint presentations
  • Guest lectures ,Audio video class and films ,industrial orientation, focused group surveys, project works and publications
  • Wi-Fi inside college premises


After completing specialization courses in the 7th and 8th semester, the students will be involved in internship program for a period of eight weeks. The system of internship program is launched by TU for BBA students especially with a view to impact practical knowledge of what they study in the campus. This program is a part of study carrying 6 credit hours. All the students should compulsorily participate in the internship program by joining some business or non business organizations and work there for two months. Each student shall prepare an individual internship report in the prescribed format based on the work assigned to him/her in the respective organization.

Core Area Courses

(Each course carries 3 credit hours)

First Semester

Course No. Course  
ENG 201 English-I


MGT 201 Principles of Management


ECO 201 Micro Economics 


MTH 201 Basic Mathematics


ITC 201  Fundamentals of Computer


Second Semester

Course No. Course  
ENG 202 English-II 


MGT 202 Human Resource Management


ECO 202 Macro Economics 


STT 201 Statistics


ITC 202 Computer Programming-I  


Third Semester

Course No. Course  
ENG 203 Business Communication


MGT 205 Operations Management


ACC 201 Financial Accounting


FIN 201 Business Finance


ITC 203 Computer Programming-II 


Fourth Semester

Course No. Course  
MGT 204 Business Law 


MGT 206 Business Environment in Nepal 


ACC 202 Cost and Management Accounting 


PSY 201 Psychology


ITC 204 Introduction to Database 



Fifth Semester

Course No. Course  
MGT 207 International Business 


FIN 202 Basic Financial Management  


MKT 201 Principles of Marketing 


SOC 201 Sociology


ITC 205 Management Information System



Sixth Semester

Course No. Course  
MGT 203 Organizational Relations


MGT 208 Business Strategy


MKT 202 Marketing Communication 


LOG 201 Critical Thinking and Decision Making


ITC 206 E- Commerce   



Seventh Semester

Five Specialization Courses  15 Cr. Hrs


Eighth Semester

Three Specialization Courses 9 Cr. Hrs
Internship  6. Cr. Hrs